Services and Fleet

Services and Fleet

If you are looking for a limo Malaga, we promise that Premier will be the best with whom you are. Why do we say this? Because the experience we have accumulated over the years has made us leaders in the field of transportation, due to the correct drivers receive training in driving and languages. Not only that, but also the availability of a fleet of exclusive vehicles and high standing like ours, allow us to guarantee that at all times we will ensure your safety and enjoyment of the trip. The drivers have the necessary knowledge of the English language to communicate seamlessly with foreign customers. Likewise, interest and passion for motorsport has led them to learn about the different cars available to us for transmission quality through the integrated service is correct.

The drivers will be available at all times, so if you need to ask something during the Malaga limo, feel free to do so. His polite and friendly treatment will love. Likewise, all of them are properly uniformed, because we cherish the image of a high-level company. We have become over the years a leading company in the sector due to the quality we offer, the timeliness with which collect and carry customers, seriousness and responsibility with which face each way and customization service for greater customer satisfaction. Among the services we offer, it is possible that the driver takes you from your hotel or apartment Málaga International Airport or corner of Andalusia, leading to the venue and exact time you have requested.

Aviod that services are directed not only to private customers who wish to sightsee, but also is aimed at corporate clients who wish to attend the Malaga province for labor issues and do not have or do not want to drive vehicle. If you hire Malaga limo, we will arrange to take place in the meeting, conference or awards ceremony is held. Likewise, you can also come to us if you plan to attend a wedding, baptism or communion. At no time you have to worry about the presence of the driver, as it will at all times properly uniformed.

You can go, if you want your wedding day special, the Malaga wedding cars and dandy up the vehicle in preparation for the occasion. Also, we take the bride and groom from the ceremony venue to treat and once the celebrations have finished, take them to the hotel or Malaga International Airport if you intend to immediately begin their honeymoon. Among the exclusive vehicles can choose, are the Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes V, Mercedes Sedan, Lincoln and authentic Rolls Royce, of which only 237 similar pieces were manufactured worldwide, so you will become a privileged to travel on it.

If you want to know the rates or obtain information on limo Malaga, feel free to browse the website for information, so that you can purchase the car service and rates that best fit their needs, which vary depending on the place of destination and mileage. You can also contact us by telephone to the customer service department and ask if you are available for the vehicle and driver who enjoyed the first service with Premier.

We are a leading company in the sector, proper qualification and training of drivers, who are responsible for placing their luggage in the car so that your belongings are not damaged during the Malaga limo. The main objective of the company is to meet their needs and this involves a recommendation in turn to friends, acquaintances and relatives. We work every day to innovate and improve the quality and timeliness of services we offer.


Whatever the vehicle you choose to enjoy Malaga limo, exceed your expectations and fully satisfy their needs, and the personalized attention that will by Premier…

Mercedes S-Class

For customers who want to get to your apartment, hotel or favorite beach from Malaga International Airport or port or train station, the best way…

Mercedes V-Class

For those who want to enjoy a shuttle service with all the quality services in the limo Malaga, simply contact us. Be assured that, once…


To attend major events such as conferences and awards ceremonies, the Lincoln model is one of the most mentioned, but also can be used to…

Rolls Royce

Perhaps, with the permission of other high-end cars with which we, the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn, by its unique design, is one of the best vehicles…

Transfer Malaga

Since 1993 we have provided a Malaga shuttle to customers who needed that we take them from Málaga International Airport to a hotel or holiday…

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